Let’s get centered!

Let's get centered!   I am finding that the longer I practice the more I am drawn to working with energy and increasing positivity. Becoming centered and aligned is a pathway to happiness. I have been listening a lot to this gentleman Deepak Chopra. He discusses various topics, the one that I have been most [...]

Wanna get high?

Wanna get high? Yes, I asked that right, do you want to get high? That feeling where you’re exhilarated and on top of the world. You feel like you can conquer anything, diamond grinder type strength. Breathing heavily, sweating, heart racing, muscles pumped, every sensory heightened. This can all be accomplished while attaining a healthy [...]

Gaining insight… a blurb

Gaining insight is almost always a difficult task. Finding ways to improve yourself has to start with identifying areas that need improvement first. That is something I find to be a challenge. Noticing something isn’t exactly working the best for me and formulating what I want the outcome to look like. Personal growth is something [...]